Mississippi automotive manufacturers association

The Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association was formed to provide a forum for interaction among automotive manufacturing companies in Mississippi.  The organization serves its members by promoting the growth, development and improvement of the automotive industry.

The Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association (MAMA) is open to companies or plants engaged in the manufacturing of vehicles, suppliers and/or distributors of parts to equipment manufacturers and/or after-market distributors; and companies, organizations or advisors that have demonstrated experience with manufacturing trends, techniques, or services to the automotive industry.

MAMA members include both in- and out-of-state automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as non-manufacturing companies integrally related to the automotive industry in Mississippi. Associate membership is also available to companies that wish to support the industry, but do not have a direct affiliation.


The Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association promotes the growth and development of the automotive industry in Mississippi.




  • Improve cooperation among the companies integrally involved in the Mississippi automotive industry.

  • Demonstrate sensitivity to the opinions of and differences in its diverse membership.

  • Conduct activities and develop programs through which its members can share information and become better informed on manufacturing, management and government issues that significantly impact the automotive industry.

  • Provide a venue through which automotive and related companies can develop mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Offer scholarships to students for community college and university studies in automotive-related fields.


Board of Directors



The MAMA will be a:

  • problem solver for the automotive industry

  • scholarship provider (between 2006 – 2017, $225,000 awarded to community college and university students)

  • networking opportunity provider

  • an economic development supporter for this new era for the Mississippi automotive manufacturing industry



The annual MAMA Award of Excellence is presented to a member company or organization that demonstrate leadership in the industry. Nominations are accepted, and the board selects the recipient company, which is then recognized at a MAMA membership meeting.